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Concierto de ARTENARA en la Plaza Santa Ana de Gran Canaria

ARTENARA, founded in 1996, is a multidisciplinary group that updates the sounds, images and traditions of the Canary Islands with the help of a large group of creators and artists to recreate the New Soundscape and Visuals of Canary Islands.

In his first work, published in May 98 and also titled ARTENARA, the group raised a new sonorous landscape. A new vision of the island's tradition. A concept based on oral transmision that wove a nexus between the present, past and future of the Canary Islands. In this first ambitious project, with the collaboration of more than a hundred of people (creators, interpreters, writers, photographers, composers, musicians, designers, etc.) were condensed the maxima expression of the canary cultural exception. Work that quickly the critic welcomed with excellent comments and that obtained the national recognition with two nominations in the third edition of the Premios de la Música.

A CD with remixes by Big Toxic was the second delivery with of ARTENARA and  began their relationship with advanced music and electronics.

Their impressive concerts, like premier in the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, in whom more than sixty people developed to a spectacle multimedia of unusual beauty, consolidated to the canary band as the best direct one according to the specialized press.


ARTENARA con William Ackerman y directivos de Windham Hill Records y BMG Ariola al finalizar el concierto en el Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid

International sponsorship came from the hand of American guitarist William Ackerman, founder and main reference for New Age music movement. They made a memorable concert together at the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid immortalized by Canal +.

MAYE (2001), their fifth album, was a multi-sensory CD. A CD that you could close your eyes and imagine all you want, while you listen to your stereo. And also a CD that you could introduce in your computer to browse in it, eyes wide open. A CD for your senses.


Junonia Minor (2003) was the sixth ARTENARA work. In this new multisensory production ARTENARA put music and poetry to La Gomera's whistles by authors from the 7 islands and others like Walt Whitman, Mario Benedetti and Garcia Lorca. Again an interactive multimedia CD for playback on computer or in a conventional CD player.

SOUND WORLDS TO DISCOVER is structured around traditional music, youth and peace through recognizable elements of the Canarian culture and music, with the participation of relevant musical artists, creators of artistic disciplines and different trends and languages. Commissioned by the International Society of Music Education was presented in a single action in the summer of 2004 at the Auditorio Adán Martín of Tenerife with more than one hundred professionals on stage (musicians, actors, computer programmers, technicians, etc).

In 2005 ARTENARA faces a new challenge starting his tour ARTENARA MULTIMEDIA CONCERT. This is a multimedia show designed for tight spaces with the intention to reach those scenic areas that could not afford the infrastructure of big and expensive ARTENARA's productions. The success of this small concerts has led them by many municipalities of the Canary Islands, different points of the peninsula and abroad.

For the celebration of Día de Canarias 2006, the Canary Islands Autonomous Government commissioned Enrique Mateu, ARTENARA's director and producer, the show called TEWIZA ("collective work" in Aboriginal language). This media contained 21 minutes of traditional music from each of the seven islands (three minutes each) with copyleft arrangements. Involving 23 musicians, three for each island and two canaries were children of immigrants. Event brought together living legends of the Canarian music with new values​​. Creating live video work and a ballet ended up forming a job that included men and women in equal proportion. The success was resounding.

Coinciding with the 10 th anniversary of its founding ARTENARA makes his ninth labor, SUEÑOS LUNARIOS (2006). This work is a multimedia program designed by Jacinto Quevedo for the sophisticated new computer system at the Planetarium of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Paintings of Nestor de la Torre, poems of Thomas Morales, Luis Ocaña graphics and original music ARTENARA amalgamate into a spectacle of unprecedented internationally. 5.1 audio, 180 degree images in motion, a novelty which technology, science, heritage and Canarian culture come together in a single work. SUEÑOS LUNARIOS is also available in mp3 format on this website.

The tenth labor ANYA TESAWIT (2007), is an original idea created to promote and disseminate the Canarian literature among young people through new technologies, music and comics. This is a blog where users can download, for free under copyleft license, new musical works, flash comic books inspired by famous classical authors of the islands and the original texts in pdf format. Musicaly speaking it is the more advanced work of ARTENARA.

10 ARTENARA ANNIVERSARY is a multidisciplinary copyleft work that combines music, poetry, Gomera's whistle, dance, stage design and video art and is the tenth work. Reunites great living legends of our culture along with very young artist coming from each and every one of our beloved islands involved in a collaboration between different artistic disciplines, different ages and different languages ​​beautifully reflecting the concept of ONE ONLY PEOPLE. The show consists of seven movements, which leads to a magic number and very canary. These seven moments are based primarily on traditional music of non-capital island on a clear recognition of the remarkable cultural contributions of these islands to the whole Canarian cultural identity.

UNA VOZ is the twelfth ARTENARA work that runs the seven islands using four arts: music, dance, poetry and video creation. Traditional songs arranged under several points of view (Jazz, Classical, Ethnic, etc.) keeping his original lyrics of oral tradition and also danced with different techniques (Neoclassical and Contemporary) and digital projections of video in real time. Following a strong work canaria yet cosmopolitan and universal. A dozen of our best designers and artists from different current Canary Islands gather together to reinterpret the tradition of our ancestors.

In 2010 the thirteenth ARTENARA published a work titled 10 and the following year, in 2011, the CD PLANETARIUM. ARTENARA is working now on another new challenge innovative ARTENARA to form a new sound and visual landscape, a New Music Canaria like ARTENARA only knows how.

[visita el blog de Enrique Mateu]
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